Moulding Analysis Software

Are you aware of global top-selling simulation software that intends to optimize the process for obtaining best moulding solutions?

Over past 2 decades, Simcon is known for developing and selling top-notch injection moulding software products. CADMOULD 3D-F plastic injection moulding simulation software is leading in moulding industry.

As CADMOULD software plays a vital role in part and mould development, 3DCAD (I) Pvt. Ltd resells Simcon's software in India. It assures you to provide optimized engineering services for injection moulding process and to realize demanding projects, as every business is looking for unified solution.

Simcon's moulding software chain includes various levels of modules like Cadmould 3D F Fill, Warp Expert, Cool, 2K & Insert. Product designers, mould makers and mould designers use these modules to enable simulation of injection moulding process.

Its expertise features include:

  • Design of family and multi cavity moulds
  • Automatic runner balancing
  • Complete process parameter optimization for the filling and packing phase.
  • Fiber orientation considerations in shrinkage and warpage analysis.
  • Calculation of varying temperature of cooling fluid (inlet-outlet) per cooling circuit.
  • Packing and filling simulation with inserts and over injected parts.
  • Consideration of fibers in injected part & insert and over injected part
  • Consideration of thermal coupling of part & insert and over injected part
  • Automatic identification of contact areas.
  • Calculation of shrinkage and warpage under consideration of the mechanical and thermal behavior of the inserts or over injected parts.


Figure 1: Cadmould
3D F Fill


Figure 2: Cadmould
3D F Cool


Figure 3: Cadmould
3D F Warp Expert


Figure 4: Cadmould
3D F 2K & Insert

However, it in turn helps to acquire cost advantage, less simulation time, automatic geometry generation, and optimized cooling system involved in mould development process. By considering these attributes, Simcon ensures to offer latest simulation software to meet varying needs of the industry through virtual reality.

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